Pushed Out, Priced Out Podcast

Yeah! That’s right! 😀 I did a Podcast! Well, it will be ongoing hopefully…;)

It is called the “Pushed Out, Priced Out Podcast” and it will be available online soon! It is talking about the changes going in Toronto right now…to be specific gentrification in certain neighbourhoods and affordable housing (and the lack thereof).

It was part of a training I did at TMAC/Dames Making Games in Toronto. Thanks are in order to Fixt Point for offering the free training and to Ontario Trillium Foundation. Muchas gracias por el apoyo y la oportunidad!

Additional info about this project soon.

And here it is! As promised, the link to listen to the Podcast on Soundcloud! 🙂

Listen to Pushed Out, Priced Out by Aisha Amcic #np on #SoundCloud

What do you think? How does Toronto’s affordable housing crisis affect you? Please comment on our Soundcloud page or send me a message. 🙂

Stay tuned for more! Tanemert! Todah Rebawh! Thank you! 🙂

Email: frightfilmschool@gmail.com

Photos I took to illustrate the issue of Gentrification in Toronto. Some are close to home and others are from Parkdale, where they recently held a protest about this very problem…the destruction of affordable housing.

All Photos By M.C CRUZ 2018