Hola! Hello! Salut! This is the official Loca Leopard Lady Productions page. Right here you’ll find my films and my artwork all on one site. This is inspired by punk, psychobilly, ska, rockabilly, blues, classic films and any good films today, tattoos, vintage clothing,pin up girls, good veggie food, some politics, some personal experience and some other “special” things.  You’ll also find links to stuff I’ve written including band interviews and reviews. I should note here that I usually write under the pen name of Anita Fixx. It’s just a silly punk pen name I gave myself when I first started making zines as a 15 year old. Anyway have a look around at the art, films and have a read if you like.  Hope you like it! Cheers, M.C Cruz

Please note: If you wish to see a more serious minded “Artist Statement” please click on the “Art” page. Merci Beaucoup!

Loca Leopard Lady Logo

Loca Leopard Lady Logo


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